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Nuclear power

Our involvement in the nuclear power market began with the first ever industrial scale nuclear power plant and continues with ClydeUnion Pumps having nuclear pump installations in over 65% of operational nuclear power plants worldwide.

ClydeUnion Pumps offers a comprehensive Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 product range and can also provide a full conventional island product offering designed for the high reliability and availability requirements of a nuclear facility. Key to our success in both civil and naval nuclear power is our ability to acquire and maintain the high standards required to design and build nuclear coded pumps. Our three coded facilities - Glasgow-UK, Annecy-France and Battle Creek-USA, are all qualified to ASME “N Stamp” and/or RCC-M and have a long history of excellence.

Key nuclear products
Flows up toHead up to1 Low_med_head_safety_injection2_Containment_spray3_Residual_heat_removal4_Reactor_auxiliary_feed5_Charge_pump6_Essential_service_water7_Closed_circuit_cooling_water8_Auxiliary_services9_Main_feedwater_pump10_Boiler_feed_booster11_Circulating_cooling water12_Condensate_extraction_transfer13_Auxiliary_services
Product Type


Single-Two Stage Pumps
Single stage end suction pumpIsoglide4,4001,000670200
Single stage large end suction pumpAquaglide44,00010,000400120
Single stage axially split between bearings pumpUniglide88,00020,0001,100350
Single stage axially split between bearings pumpUniglide-e17,6004,000650200
Single stage API end suction pump (OH2)CUP-OH27,5001,7001,148350
Single stage API vertical in-line pump (OH3)CUP-OH36,0001,3651,000305
Single stage API vertical in-line pump (OH4)CUP-OH46,0001,3651,310335
Single stage API vertical in-line pump (OH5)CUP-OH58,8002,000770230
Single / two stage API axially split between bearings pump (BB1)CUP-BB166,00015,0003,3001,000
Single stage API radially split between bearings pump (BB2)CUP-BB26,6001,5002,300650
Single stage sump pump (VS4)CUP-VS42,000450520160
Single / two stage vertical bowl / turbine pumpCUP-CW176,00040,00016450
Single stage vertical in-line pump (ANSI)CUP-VCM1,800410500150
Multi-stage Pumps
Multi-stage vertical bowl / turbine pumpSBWM22,0005,0001,000300
Multi-stage vertical double entry canister pumpCUP-CEP13,2003,0001,480450
Multi-stage barrel radially split pumpCUP-FK12,3002,80016,4005,000
Multi-stage API axially splitCUP-BB312,0003,00011,0003,350
Multi-stage API barrel radially split pumpCUP-BB5 HP12,3302,80013,4504,100
Multi-stage API barrel radially split pumpCUP-BB5 V12,3502,80013,6004,100
Multi-stage API vertical diffuser / turbine single case pumpCUP-VS131,0007,0009,8423,000
Multi-stage API vertical diffuser / turbine double case pumpCUP-VS631,0007,0009,8423,000
Reciprocating Pumps
Power driven small (single acting plunger) - simplex/duplex/triplexSmall power751723,0006,900
Power driven medium (single acting plunger) - triplex/quintexMedium power3858723,0006,900
Power driven large (single acting) - triplex/quintexLarge power64514623,0006,900
Power driven geared (internally geared)Geared power62514217,3005,200
Power driven high HP (single acting plunger) - triplex/quintexHigh horse power68015520,0001,3800
Steam driven simplex (direct acting)Simplex direct acting70516023,0006,900
Steam driven duplex (direct acting)Duplex direct acting76017323,0006,900
Specialized Pumps
Concrete volute pumpCUP-CVP530,000120,00023070
Single stage dry running feedwater pumpCUP-FWP26,4006,0003,9901,200
Integral steam turbine, water lubricated pumpTWLTM1,5503504,2651,300
Specialist nuclear pumpsS-N-PN/AN/AN/AN/A