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Heritage brand products

heritage image from Union pump days

At ClydeUnion Pumps we are proud of our history which extends well over 140 years and our long list of prestigious heritage product brands. A large number of heritage products around the world still operate today providing reliable and economic service. We are fully committed to supporting these products by provision of parts and service for all current and obsolete lines.

Maximize the lifespan, reliability and availability of your heritage products by fitting only genuine, original or upgraded specification, OEM parts.

Supply of parts for all our heritage brands including:

• Weir Pumps

• Clyde Pumps

• Girdlestone

• Mather & Platt Harland

• Drysdale

• WH Allen

• Allen Gwynnes

• Union Pump

• David Brown Pumps

• DB Guinard Pumps

• American Pump

• Harland

• S&N Pump

As well as providing parts we can supply complete replacement machines. We recognise that due to site constraints, hydraulic compatibility and existing infrastructure, it is often the most effective solution to replace or add additional units on a like for like basis.