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Condition monitoring

ClydeUnion Pumps extensive knowledge of pumps and pump systems can be used in assisting with the specification of condition monitoring to provide safeguarding of all pump equipment. Being able to accurately determine when a pump requires an overhaul or when a bearing may have failed is critical to ensure maximum cost savings and pump reliability to our customers.

System upgrades

It is possible to upgrade existing system installations with the most up-to-date control and instrumentation equipment. This will ensure the essential measurements of pump reliability and performance are captured, using the correct selection of equipment to suit the client’s requirements at site.

Real time monitoring

Data acquisition can be set up in such a way as to provide real time monitoring. This can be configured with wireless or wired systems which can be monitored at site by the clients personnel or by ClydeUnion Pumps through the internet.

Data analysis

Our specialist engineers are capable of full data analysis and problem diagnosis of your system to be able to provide the most beneficial solution. Data can be analyzed as part of a site survey or the results can be sent to ClydeUnion Pumps for an in-house analysis.