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Upgrades and re-rates

Throughout the service life of your pumping equipment, process change, design improvements and material developments create opportunities to greatly improve the performance and reliability of your asset. ClydeUnion Pumps can offer a comprehensive range of engineering solutions to modify pumping equipment to satisfy any such change in requirements.

After a consultation and a full site survey, our team of OEM pump improvement engineers will analyze the data before producing a design proposal which will either improve the mechanical design, modify the hydraulic design or change the material specification, or a combination of all three to optimize the pump performance in your system. Changes to the design stresses, pressure boundary loading and rotor dynamic performance will be assessed to ensure your upgrade will be problem free and OEM safety and design code qualifications fully maintained.

• Root cause analysis
• Hydraulic re-rating
• Optimize performance & reliability
• Mechanical upgrading
• Material enhancements
• 3rd party machinery
• Guaranteed performance improvements
• Attractive payment terms linked to pay-back are negotiable