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Producing dryers is one thing, but designing dehydration systems is quite another. Throughout SPX we have full engineering capability to design total Delair® dehydration solutions to meet your precise needs; whether you are drying air, natural gas or other gases.

Delair® is positioned in the highest, most demanding, segment of the market. Equipment reliability must be top. Complete chemical plants depend on our systems.

Quality is not a naturally occurring phenomenon – it must be designed into a dehydration system, and SPX has the capability to produce dehydration systems to meet the requirements of all international engineering standards.

With Delair®, you are not simply buying a dryer but rather 75 years of dehydration expertise, which gives you the most efficient dryer solution.

With engineering offices in Europe and North America, our customers benefit from international engineering expertise, but with a local focus.

As you might expect, our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 accredited.