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In this industry Clean Dry Air (CDA) system designs have received increasing attention because of the requirements of photolithography tools. Technology developments in the IC (Integrated Circuits) industry have led to the use of lithography tools with higher purity, flow, and pressure requirements, placing new demands on CDA system design.
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CDA is used in many applications throughout the fabrication and support areas:

  • Pneumatic controls and tools
  • Purging equipment
  • Air cylinders for machine actuation
  • Product cleaners and blow-off devices
  • Air-driven pumps
The system is normally designed to provide –70° to –80°C dew-point air with 0.01–0.003-µm filtration.

Typically, more than 80% of the CDA system is used to support manufacturing equipment, while the remaining 20% is used for instrument air and utility applications.