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In the demanding world of oil and gas exploration and production, safety and reliability requirement are extremely high. Delair® engineered products have repeatedly proven to be the most preferred choice for this industry.

This demanding industry represents a third of Delair®’s turnover with equipment and solutions installed the world over. The most widely installed applications in this industry are:

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Instrument air dryer

Used for operation of pneumatic instruments in plants, this solution prevents excess moisture, which can result in condensation or ice formation. The resulting loss of control of instrument readings and leading, at worst, to a costly shut-down of the complete plant.

Nitrogen drying and generation

Our engineered nitrogen generators are used to blanket storage tanks and marine vessels and to purge pipelines, mechanical seals and void spaces.

Compressed natural gas dryer

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a clean-burning fuel that is increasingly popular as an alternative to petrol for cars. It is supplied via a regular city pipeline network to the refueling station at a pressure of 4-18 Bar (58-260 psi). The gas then has to be dried to prevent water and hydrate formation after compression to 250 bar (3,625 psi) for storage in high-pressure tanks. The cars, equipped with a special LNG tank, are filled to 200 Bar (2,900 psi) by the dispensers.

Dried inert gas for LNG carriers

The storage tanks of oil and LNG carriers need to be purged with dry inert gas which is produced by a generator on the carrier itself.