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Waveguides and cables are theoretically airtight, however practice shows humidity leakage problems often occur relatively shortly after installation. Temperature and wind speed fluctuations cause pressure differences inside and outside allowing moist ambient air to infiltrate the system.

In addition, antenna windows and connection points are not completely impervious to water vapor. To remove this humidity efficiently, regular rinsing with dry air is required.


“A combination of a pressurizer/dehydrator and a small purge flow at the end of a waveguide system guarantees efficient removal of water vapor,” says Eric van Lammeren, After Market Manager of SPX Flow Technology Etten-Leur BV. “This results in a reduced risk of corrosion and arcing and keeps the transmission performance at a maximum efficiency. In other words: Lower maintenance costs with optimum service to users”

In military applications the waveguide dehydrators have to operate in severe environmental conditions, with extremely high or low temperatures and severe shock- and vibration levels.

SPX offers various Delair® dehydrators which meet the relevant MIL specifications. In addition to standard units, SPX is also able to engineer customized dehydrators for specific applications.