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Gas Treatment

Gas Separation
delair® gas treatment products are utilized in many sectors of the processing industry, such as petro chemical, chemical, oil & gas, food and the production of industrial gases. delair® gas treatment systems are used in a wide range of applications including natural gas treatment, hydrogen purification, CO2 stripping and process gas separation.

Inert Gas / Maritime
For gas and chemical storage and transportation, inert gas needs to be pure, with most applications requiring a pressure dew point of -45°C (-113°F). delair® systems meet or exceed these industry requirements and can be found on a wide variety of tankers and gas carriers.

Vent Gas Purification Systems / Conveying Plants
Vent Gas Dryers reduce the concentration of water vapor and decrease the pressure dew point of vent gas to a level required to prevent clogging and fading of pneumatically conveyed products.

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