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After-Sales Service

Your factory grinding to a halt? Water in the compressed air tubing disrupting your production processes? Storage- and production areas suffering from a high Relative Humidity (RH)? Water can be a real problem in a compressed air system. The air outlet temperature of a compressor/after cooler package is typically 25-50°C and saturated with water vapor, which results in significant amounts of liquid water downstream once condensed. Water in a compressed air system can cause serious problems ranging from product spoilage to equipment malfunction. Costs that could have been avoided with regular maintenance to your (compressed-) air system.

“Dry and clean compressed air is of the essence to numerous industries and with a regular maintenance schedule, break downs can be avoided, thus saving a lot of money”, says Michel de Jong, Field Sales Representative for our After Sales & Service Department.

With our service engineers, who are located in various regions, we always have a qualified engineer in your vicinity. If it concerns compressed air systems or atmospheric air dryers, our service engineers are trained in all fields. Through their experience and continuous training they are capable of servicing your installations quickly and accurately thereby saving you time and money.

SPX FLOW Delair® will always offer a made-to-measure maintenance contract. Be it an inspection-only contract, a service contract (including periodical wear-parts) or an all-in contract (complete care for your system), with SPX FLOW Delair® you will always be assured of an installation that performs well.

In case of an emergency, we will always answer your call and provide support, even if you do not have a service contract with us. We also can be of service for large revisions and reconstruction work.

“At this moment we are upgrading a lot of Siemens S5 PLC controls to the Siemens S7, on various types of compressed and atmospheric air dryers. Of course we are offering this for our delair® installations, but also for other brands we can offer a solution”, says Hardy Hofman, Service Manager for our After Sales & Service Department.

Desiccant testing

As an extra service SPX FLOW Delair® can test your desiccant to determine the adsorption capacity of the grains and the crush value. In our laboratory we have a testing area where we can quickly analyze your sample. If you are interested we can send you our desiccant test kit. Please call our service telephone number or e-mail us at the address below.

Spare Parts

SPX FLOW Delair® will supply all necessary spare parts for your installation. Of course we stock all parts for the installations supplied by us, but other brands are also supported by us. Please contact our spare parts department for further details.service_spare_parts


SPX FLOW Delair® is ISO-9001:2008 certified, the Service Department is VCA certified and the Service Engineers are STEK certified.



Phone:: +31 76 5085598 (calls outside of European business hours, will be redirected)