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Air, Gas & Liquid Pipeline

High performance Dollinger in-line filtration products are designed to selectively target and remove unwanted contaminants like dirt, rust, pipe scale, oil and water from compressed air, gas or process liquids.

Some of Our Filter Design Secrets

The Dollinger concept of filter design offers many benefits. Above all, it maximizes the effective filtration area - this results in lower differential pressure loss, increased dirt holding capacity, and extended service life.

The single-element design reduces downtime to a minimum when the element needs to be changed.

Dollinger Filters are Built to Last

The structure which supports the filter medium withstands a differential pressure of up to 50 psi as standard. The rugged steel housing complies with the ASME VIII, Division 1 Pressure Vessel Design Code. (Compliance with the following codes is also available: Korean, SELO, PED, TÜV, and GOST).
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