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Air Intake Filters

Contaminants at the intake of compressors, blowers and turbines dramatically affect the cost of supplying compressed air. Inefficient intake filtration permits contaminants to corrode, erode and foul internals. Dollinger air intake filters will deliver optimum performance, energy savings and protection to gain long component service life.

Helping Compression Equipment Breath Easy

The Problem:

Your equipment is under constant attack by a wide range of airborne contaminants, many of them invisible to the human eye. Once inside a compressor or blower, they corrode and erode internals and foul up processes. Quality Dollinger air intake systems reduce energy costs and protect your compression equipment from unnecessary downtime. Clean intake air is therefore one of the most effective ways to save energy and control escalating maintenance costs.

The Dollinger Solution:

Perhaps, you are not sure how to best protect your investment. Count on Dollinger to do more than just sell you a filter. Dollinger will carefully evaluate your specific contaminant situation and air purity requirements, and in many cases can offer assistance with sampling and particle size distribution analysis. We will then recommend the most effective combination of filter design and element efficiency to save you money.

Dollinger Air Intake Systems:

Dollinger manufactures standard air intake filters with capacities from 1,000 to 60,000 scfm and with connections up to 48 inches. Custom engineered air intake systems are available for applications with higher flow rates, requiring acid gas removal, and to adapt to hostile environments - to name a few.

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