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Example of a Crystallization Line

Crystallization margarine_lineStorage:

  • Storage tanks for liquid oils and fats (area 1)

  • Other raw materials stored in barrels or on pallets

Batch area:

  • Tank for emulsifier blend (emulsifier + liquid oil) (area 2)

  • Tank for water phase preparation (water + water-soluble ingredients) (area 3)

  • Tank for mixing oils and oil-soluble ingredients and later adding the water phase to form the w/o emulsion (area 4)


  • Low pressure pasteurisation (coil pasteuriser or Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) (area 5 shows a PHE)

  • High pressure pump (area 6)

  • If high pressure pasteurisation - SSHE for heating and cooling

  • High pressure SSHE - GS Nexus, GS Kombinator or GS Perfector (area 7)

  • Pin rotor machine(s) (area 8)

  • Resting tube for products to be wrapped (area 9)

  • Remelt - PHE (area 10). Could also be SSHE (e.g. low fat products)

The sequence of the above-mentioned production units depends on the type of product to be produced and the specific recipe. For more detailed information on processing issues, please see our R&D articles in the Downloads area.

Pasteurisation: emulsion temperature is typical 45°C (110°F), heat to 85°C (185°F) and cool to 45°C (110°F).