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Dairy Products

Dairy products comprise a large group of products, all of which contain milk or components deriving from milk.

Butter Products

  • Traditional butter - sweet cream butter or sour cream butter

  • Recombined butter

  • Butter blends

Certain butter products, such as recombined butter, create a relatively high pressure in the production line. This pressure is created when the butter emulsion crystallizes – a process that results in a firmer texture and a higher viscosity. For processes such as these the GS Nexus, GS Perfector or GS Kombinator – our top-of-line, high pressure scraped surface heat exchangers (SSHE) – ensure superior results every time.

Traditional butter is produced by a churning and kneading process (Fritz-method). Butter is normally divided into two main categories respectively sweet cream butter and sour cream butter made from fermented cream.

Today most of the butter produced world wide is based on sweet cream. This process is called the Indirect Biological Acidification method (IBA butter), where the culture is added after the churning and kneading process.

Click here to get more information about equipment used for manufacturing of butter.

Other Dairy Products

Rice pudding
  • Rice pudding

  • Mascarpone

  • Mousses

The low- and medium-duty line of SSHE, the GS Consistator®, can be used to manufacture products such as butter products, milk products, rice pudding, cultured products and mousses.

Since these products may be sensitive to heat treatment, and since they potentially exhibit high viscosity, only SSHE can be used. The products are continuously agitated by the rotating scrapers, and either gently heated and/or cooled.

For more information on how to optimize your current dairy production method contact our technology department by e-mail.