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Edible Fats and Oils

The edible fats and oils industry produces a broad range of products such as:

  • margarine, table margarine, puff pastry margarine, spreadable margarine, reduced and low fat margarine, cake and cream margarine, cooking margarine, frying margarine, liquid margarine,

  • butter,

  • shortening and

  • spreads.

The raw materials for such products derive from any animal, vegetable or marine oil source, e.g. soybean, palm, canola (rapeseed), sunflower, lard and tallow. The choice of raw materials depends on legislation, economics, quality, functionality and market constraints.

The 100% fat products are called shortenings.
These shortenings can be divided into two groups:

• Group 1: Plastic products
• Group 2: Products for which the consistency is not a quality parameter.

In order to achieve a plastic product, a longer residence time in the equipment is needed, which results in a higher line pressure and consequently a higher viscosity of the product when filled. Thus, the GS Nexus, GS Perfector or GS Kombinator line is recommended for these types of products.

Products for which the consistency is not a quality parameter is typically just cooled and filled. Thus, no real line pressure is created and the GS Consistator® line is suitable. Examples of such products are vanaspati and liquid frying shortenings.

In addition, shortening may contain N2, which gives the shortening a white and whipped appearance.

Margarine and spreads

smoerkroelle_smallProducts consisting of a fat phase in which the water phase is finely dispersed are defined as margarine and spreads. The precise specification depends on the fat content. Margarine exhibits a fat content of 80%, while spreads exhibit a fat content of less than 80%. Manufacturers should check their local legislation, as these definitions may differ from one geographic area to another.

As a product group, margarine covers industrial and consumer products. Typical industrial products include puff pastry margarine, cake and cream margarine and all-purpose margarine. Consumer products include table and soft table margarine, reduced and low fat spreads, whipped margarine, cake margarine and liquid margarine. The product list above is not all-inclusive; it is only a list of examples.

Concerning the processing of margarine, we recommend installing the GS Nexus, GS Perfector or GS Kombinator line, as the majority of the products create a relatively high line pressure. The most important stage in processing is the chilling process, of which the intensity depends upon the product.