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Evaluation of Cake and Cream Margarine

CookiesSimilarly to many spreadable margarine products, cake and cream margarine does not need a tempering period. Therefore, it is possible to evaluate cake and cream margarine immediately after tempering to the expected application temperature. The normal application temperature is typically 18 - 20°C. However, in warm areas of the world, the application temperature is higher, though this is not the storage temperature. The storage temperature is normally 5 - 12°C as this proportionally low temperature will extend the shelf life.

The product evaluation is performed on the following sensory parameters:

1. Consistency: brittle, grainy, lumpy, open structure, greasy, etc.
2. Creaming/whipping ability, please refer to the 'Procedure for testing whipping ability' in our Downloads area.
3. Baking performance, please refer to the 'Procedure for sponge cake preparation' in our Downloads area.

Flavor evaluation
A correct flavor range does not exist since human preference varies around the world. Initially, the appearance of the product surface along with the scent is evaluated prior to the taste. It is very important to describe observations in detail, e.g. buttery, fruity or creamy. If the taste of salt is present, this is noted. Does the flavor appear quickly or slowly? Flavor release is, besides other factors, a question of the melting point of the fat phase. If the melting point is relatively high, the flavour will normally appear slowly.
If the margarine is used for baking, it is important that the flavour is heat-stable.

Mouth feel
A relatively small piece is placed in the mouth.

1. Melting process. Is it melting quickly or slowly in the mouth? Stickiness is also estimated
2. Consistency: lumpy, brittle, smooth, homogeneous, etc.
3. General impression