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Evaluation of Puff Pastry Margarine

Margarine - bendedPuff pastry margarine should show an excellent plasticity. Puff pastry margarine is evaluated at the application temperature.

The evaluation is performed on the following:

Numerous pieces are cut off the margarine (approximately 1 - 1½ cm in width). The pieces are bent and kneaded. If the margarine exhibits a poor plasticity, the margarine will break during bending; the poorer the plasticity, the more breaking. A good plasticity is when the product stays in shape without breaking during bending.
Afterwards kneading by hand should take place. Does the margarine show a plastic consistency? Is it greasy and sticky in the palm of your hand?


Consistency is estimated by forcing a thumb into the margarine or as mentioned below under Kneading when pounding the margarine into a square. Consistency is estimated as being soft or hard, a bit or a lot. Additionally greasiness is estimated as well. The best method to evaluate greasiness is to take a piece of the margarine in the palm of your hand as mentioned above.

Flavour evaluation

A correct flavour range does not exist since human preference varies around the world. However, it is very important that the flavour is heat-stable due to the fact that puff pastry margarine is used for baking purposes.

Mouth feel
Usually puff pastry margarine has a relatively high melting point, thus a complete melting will not occur in the mouth and, therefore, it is rare that this feature is evaluated. Furthermore, mouth feel is not important in regard to puff pastry margarine.

In the industry puff pastry margarine is normally subjected to pre-kneading. This pre-kneading can be imitated. The margarine is pounded into a square, 1 - 4 cm in height, depending on the quantity. Plasticity and consistency can also be determined visually by performing this kneading test.

Baking test
At our baking facility in our pilot plant in Soeborg, Denmark, we make baking tests performed with puff pastry margarine. Normally Danish pastry is made, but also croissants and puff pastry can be made. Baking tests are performed in order to evaluate the plasticity and the fat product in general. Please note if the performance of the margarine in question is acceptable during baking test. Please refer to the 'Procedure of Danish Pastry Preparation' in our Downloads area.