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Evaluation of Frying Fat/Margarine

Evaluation suggestion

Oil stripesA simple frying test can be used:

  1. The product is poured into the fryer and heated to approximately 160 - 180°C. At lower temperatures the food absorbs more fat. At higher temperatures the fat deteriorates faster. Please do not overheat, max. 250°C. Check that only limited spattering occurs during heating.

  2. Afterwards a known amount of food is used, e.g. potato pieces, fish sticks etc. The food is fried for a given period of time, e.g. 3 minutes.

  3. The fried product is evaluated on the following sensory parameters: color, crust, taste, oil separation and duration of crispiness. The product used for the frying test can be weighed before and after frying in order to calculate the amount of oil absorbed during frying.