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Other Applications

From trials for our customers, which have been performed in our innovation center, we have experience with a with a vast number of applications. Most of these applications are today being used in several factories around the world.

Candle light production

Candle lightThe crystallization of candle wax takes place in the GS Consistator® MD, the scraped surface heat exchanger, where the wax is cooled down to just above the solidification point. Then the product continues to the possible dosing of color and fragrance before it is ready for filling.

Energy saving solution
With the GS Consistator® MD crystallization solution you save energy compared to the traditional cooling of candle wax as the scraped surface heat exchanger is more efficient and using less energy for wax cooling than cooling tunnels.

Low waste
There is a low amount of waste when changing recipes due to the fact that color and fragrance are added later in the production line than traditionally. This makes the recipe change fast as only few of the equipment units need to be cleaned.

When producing tea light candles or candles in a glass the above issues are worth to consider in order to make the production more profitable.