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GS Nexus - a Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

  • Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger GS Nexus


  • Table margarine with GS Nexus


  • In-house shortening with GS Nexus


  • Low fat spread with GS Nexus


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  • Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger GS Nexus
  • Table margarine with GS Nexus
  • In-house shortening with GS Nexus
  • Low fat spread with GS Nexus
Product Types:

nexus, scraped surface

Utilizing the efficient CO2 as cooling medium, GS Nexus is a high-capacity, low-energy SSHE designed for various food products.
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MargarineSupporting production output of shortening of up to 20,000 kg/h, the scraped surface heat exchanger GS Nexus offers a number of unique benefits:

  • Low-energy production of crystallized fat products as mentioned below

    • Test results shows that using CO2 at -10°C gives approximately 25% less energy consumption in the refrigeration system, due to better actual efficiency on the compressor system at 10°C higher evaporation temperature than for NH3 operation.
  • Puff pastry margarineCO2 as refrigerant - lower investment costs for CO2 refrigeration system compared with NH3.

  • Reduction of heat transfer costs.

    • CO2 is a very efficient refrigerant which has an external heat transfer coefficient which is 2-3 times higher than that of NH3 and which will increase the total heat flux by up to 40%.

  • Heat recovery system possible.

    • When using CO2 as regrigerant, it is possible to install and use heat recovery systems to save energy. The heat recovery can offer useable water up to 90°C, which can be used for other purposes in the pant. Up to 70% of the energy can be recovered.

  • Easy inspection and maintenance

  • Hygienic design suitable for the food industry

  • Cookies made with shorteningOptimization of floor space

Product references:puff pastry margarine, table margarine, trans free table margarine, cake and cream margarine, smooth ghee, shortening, recombined butter, spreadable butter, low fat spreads.