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Inspections and Maintenance

Inspection_maintenanceUnder normal operating conditions, Gerstenberg Schröder brand machines yield years of trouble-free operation, with minimal impact on parts subject to wear and tear. Regular visits allow us to keep a watchful eye on the condition of your equipment to determine whether any major repairs are likely to be needed – and precisely when. This gives you plenty of time to plan the necessary production halts.

During maintenance visits, our service technicians will review your stock to check that you have the necessary parts to solve any minor problems that might arise.

We will be happy to assist whether it's simply by supplying parts required, assisting you with the service or performing a complete service, under the terms of a service agreement. Our flexible service concept allows us to adapt to your every need.


In addition to many other benefits, installations controlled with our GS Logic system and former KombiLog control devices have the option to benefit from our Tele-service. In addition to on-line fault diagnostics, this service also facilitates software changes. Customers can use this service during regular business hours without signing a service agreement.

For more details about our inspection and maintenance services, please contact us at