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Supervision, Start-Up and Training

Years of experience combined with great attention to detail guarantee the outstanding quality that has become the hallmark of all our equipment. Our primary goal is to design, deliver and support solutions that strengthen your production and profitability.

Help During Start-Up

SupervisionOur support teams are ready to assist whenever the need arises. If you require supervision and assistance during installation and start-up, our engineers will be there to ensure that all technical aspects run smoothly. The support of a service technician is always recommended for plant start-ups following overhauls, refitting or longer stoppages.

A Variety of Training Programs

Professional, well-trained staff contribute to the reliability and cost effectiveness of your manufacturing process. We offer general training courses in Denmark and plant specific training courses on-site anywhere in the world. Our basic training program is designed to help your key personnel familiarize themselves with the new equipment. We also offer intensive training programs to suit your particular requirements.

For more details about our start-up and training services please contact us by e-mail.

2016 Scheduled Training Sessions




Registration Status

September 20-23

Margarine Seminar
Location: Innovation Center
Soeborg, Denmark

Download Margarine Seminar Flyer

Registration Fee: EUR 1,000
Includes: Food/Drink and Training materials
Hotel fees at your own expense.

Registration Open

Please contact Lone B. Rasmussen at for further details and registration form.

Process Optimization

Durability and efficiency of the plant are important features. However, product demands and production requirements change with time and consequently process optimisation is vital in order to be profitable. We can offer you in-house optimization of your specific process performed by our well trained technicians. Or you can visit our pilot facility to run low-cost small-scale tests in order to achieve process parameter guidelines of your product.