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General Instructions

The Globe RM air motors are a series of compact heavy duty radial piston air motors offering and exceptional range of control valve and output options. The motors are four or five cylinder radial piston design with oil bath lubrication and are designed to develop greater power than other motors of equivalent size.


  • Modular motor, brake, gearbox and control valve options.
  • Relatively inexpensive variable speed control
  • Instrinsically safe in hazardous environments (e.g. mine, petro-chemical, etc.)
  • Instantly reversible
  • Resistant to dirty, damp conditions
  • Positive start
  • Rugged Design
  • NEMA and S.A.E. interfaces
    • RM210, RM310, RM410, RM510 and RM610 motors can be supplied in configurations approximating to NEMA Interfaces.
    • RM410, RM510 and RM610 motors are also available with S.A.E. drives.
  • ATEX & Non-ATEX gearboxes available.
  • RM motors are most suitable for heavy duty applications and can be supplied direct coupled to gearboxes.
  • Natural sweet gas & other gases can also be used. Contact Hydraulic Technologies for details.
  • For complete range of gearboxes, contact Hydraulic Technologies for options.
  • Variety of mountings


Air Supply

The air filter should be drained regularly and examined for clogging of the element.

The air line lubractor should be replenished as required and set to give:

RM1103-4 drops per minute
RM2104-5 drops per minute
RM3105-6 drops per minute
RM4106-8 drops per minute
RM5106-8 drops per minute
RM6108-10 drops per minute

Double the above drip rate if intermittent operation.