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About Hankison

Hankison International

Hankison is dedicated to supplying quality compressed air treatment products worldwide. The foundation that was laid at the company's inception in 1948 has since been expanded to include several global manufacturing facilities on three continents and a state-of-the-art research and development framework within which products are conceived, designed, tested, and manufactured. Hankison participates in numerous trade memberships, has obtained global certifications for its major product lines, and has achieved ISO 9001 certification, the internationally recognized standard for quality assurance.

Hankison is recognized as the world leaders in their areas of expertise and offer the following:

  • Complete in-house design and engineering capabilities

  • Major components and systems are manufactured by Hankison to control quality, maximize value, enhance lead-times, and deliver superior performance.

  • Multifaceted distribution channels that combine manufacturer representatives, independent distributors, private label arrangements, and direct factory sales.

  • Advanced technology, product differentiation, custom engineering, pre and post sales support, training, reputation, and global capabilities.

  • Organic and inorganic profitable growth strategies include new product development, new market development and, international expansion through joint ventures, strategic alliances, and effective marketing.

Our Mission

The Hankison mission is to maintain a leadership position by anticipating the divergent needs of customers and delighting them with our ability to consistently provide a rapid response to their needs. Every day we will work to create an environment that encourages us to represent the customer and builds upon our culture of responsiveness.

Memberships & Affiliations

  • CAGI Partner

As a member of CAGI-Compressed Air and Gas Institute we continue to improve our production of compressed air dehydration and filtration systems which ensures our customers have access to the best products on the market. CAGI is the compressed air and gas industry standard for information, improved production practices and quality of products.

  • ISO Quality Classes

ISO, a global international standards organization, defines its standards for the betterment of the compressed air industry and private international sectors of compressed air manufacturers.

The ISO 8573 standard benefit end-users by defining air quality levels and methods to determine contaminants present in their air system. The ISO 12500 test standards benefit air treatment manufacturers by providing the means to commercially separate filtration products through certifiable performance.

All of our products are graded to ISO quality class performance standards.