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June 2013

Ball Corporation Case Study

At its beverage can manufacturing facility, Ball Corporation, has achieved significant energy savings by replacing multiple inefficient refrigerated air dryers with a single high capacity Hankison HES Series compressed air dryer!


February 2013

Now Serving!

SPX offers an array of solutions serving the food & beverage industry. Take a peek into how SPX technologies are helping ensure the safety and goodness of food and beverages worldwide!


December 2012

Hankison Launches its New Website

Hankison launched its new website in an effort to provide its customers with a better web experience. Even though much of the information is the same, the site offers a new look and feel that is consistent with the SPX websites.

We've also implemented a new Content Management System in which the website is being managed by. This will allow us to be able to present the customer more up to date information in a more timely manner. In addition this system allows us to present the site in multiple languages. Look forward to these additional languages coming soon.

February 2012

Two New Technologies Launched to the Hankison Product Line!

Hankison is pleased to introduce the new HES Series high capacity refrigerated air dryer and HCD Series heat of compression desiccant air dryer.


November 2011

Hankison Branding Change

You may notice some changes to the Hankison logo and other product brand logos of SPX. To more visibly connect these logos to our parent company, we've made slight changes to the logo designs.

The new logos often include a chevron symbol like this ">", others may be marketed as aproduct series, and some may be represented by other core product brands to better align with the vast SPX portfolio.

You will be seeing these new logos throughout our website, in advertisements, brochures, manuals, etc. While the branding and/or labeling on each product may change, the products themselves will not be impacted by these changes. And your personal connection to the same SPX people, products, and services will continue.

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