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Infusion UHT (Ultra-high Temperature)

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1.Infusion UHT Master Diagram Mar2015

Through its APV brand, SPX FLOW has been a leading supplier of UHT systems for decades. Its direct steam infusion UHT systems help ensure superior quality, commercially sterile products through gentle, high accuracy heating over a wide range of viscosities covering products from drinking milk through cream, yogurt and baby food, to high viscosity puddings and desserts. 

Products are exposed to a very high temperature for a very short time to produce the desired microorganism kill rate. This minimizes the chemical change to the product, preserving its fresh taste and nutritional value. SPX FLOW offers a range of steam infusion solutions to suit various application requirements. All have a focus on food safety, longer product life and freshest tastes. 

SPX FLOW offers their newest Direct Infusion UHT option in the Infusion UHT Express System.  SPX FLOW Infusion UHT plants use gentle, rapid heating and cooling with accurate holding times to produce products of superior quality with minimal change in composition and taste. The synchronized flow of product, steam, air and condensate further creates optimum heat transfer and processing efficiency. The system is very flexible and can be used for a wide range of products.