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A depth of experience combined with innovative technology for the production of quark, set or stirred yogurt processing plants makes SPX a leading supplier of fresh fermented dairy product equipment. With brands including APV and Seital, it can produce complete plants incorporating fat standardization, pasteurization, protein concentration, de-aeration, pH reduction, flavor dosing, fermentation and cooling. Highly efficient plate heat exchangers, tubular heat exchangers, homogenizers, evaporators, membrane filtration, separators, clarifiers, mixers, pumps and valves provide the highest end product quality while reducing energy costs and minimizing waste. Plants are designed to the highest hygiene standards and for efficient cleaning in place (CIP). 


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Download SPX FLOW Fresh Fermented Dairy Products Brochure - Satisfying appetites for natural, healthy products

SPX FLOW Innovation Helps Support Growth in Global Fresh Dairy Markets

An extension to SPX FLOW Innovation capabilities, SPX Flow has an innovation center at ENIL Dairy University, located in Mamirolle, France. The innovation center is designed to support the growing demand for natural, fresh dairy products produced without acid whey and therefore with lower environmental impact.

The combination of SPX FLOW and ENIL expertise offers a powerful synergy that helps customers develop new products, better optimize recipes and processes, enhance the competitiveness of product lines and realize long term growth strategies. In addition, the center is further supported by key industry partners, who supply starter cultures, ingredients, and filling machines.

There are currently two SPX FLOW pilot plants in the center; one for fresh fermented dairy products and the other for the production of spreadable cheese. Supporting international customers the center enables:

  • Validation of new recipe formulations
  • Support for the evolution of the Ultra Fresh Dairy segment focusing on high-value products - natural, highly concentrated in proteins (up to 1015%) and low in fat (0-2%)
  • Development of cost attractive solutions with greater autonomy in the supply of raw materials
  • Customer specific training programs The center in Mamirolle has already helped a number of our global and regional customers from the China, India, Middle East, and Latin America to meet their business goals. SPX Flow has a comprehensive testing program in a campaign to produce a large portfolio of Fresh Fermented Dairy Products; including Greek type yogurt, Quark, drinkable yogurt, cultured dairy dessert, and processed cream cheese.

To arrange tests, training or support for Fresh and Fermented Dairy Processes, please contact our Global Process Category Manager or your regional Fresh Dairy Champion.


What do consumers want in fresh dairy products?

Health & Wellness: Consumer demand for healthy, great tasting snacks is on the rise. Fermented dairy products such as Greek type yogurt have seen significant growth which is expected to continue.

Convenience & Lifestyle: Busier lifestyles are driving demand for more convenient foods that can be eaten on the go. Yogurt is increasingly gaining popularity as a guilt free snack.

Indulgence & Value: Consumers are now more willing to pay premium prices for natural, nutritious snacks that satisfy their taste buds but still support a healthy lifestyle.

SPX FLOW’s extensive experience and reliable technologies can help you capitalize on these growing consumer trends with:

  • reduced capital equipment costs
  • maximized return on investment
  • sustainable environmental processes

SPX FLOW’s global innovation centers can help you test new product ideas and streamline product launches to stay ahead of your competition.