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Infant formula

3.Infant formula from recombined powder - Diagram Mar2015

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SPX’s technology is designed to ensure safety, nutritional value and final product quality while optimizing production capacity and economy. Equipment includes mixers, plate heat exchangers, UHT, homogenizers, heat treatment systems, evaporators, spray dryers, pumps and valves.

The Flex-Mix Instant mixer is particularly well suited to this application and just one example of how SPX can improve production efficiency. It has a closed vacuum powder transport system which sucks powder from underneath and enables the use of higher solid content. The wet and dry phases of the process are completely separated, reducing the risk of bacteria forming and the vacuum stops air from entering the mixture; improving efficiency and reducing oxidation and coloring. Its improved mixing efficiency enables a much higher concentration pre-mix, resulting in significant improvements in capacity and production economy.

Evaporation and drying technologies are essential for the final powder quality. Choosing the right design is important to secure the optimal powder functionalities.
The Anhydro Triple A dryer is specially designed for high agglomeration of the powder and has excessive running hours due to the design of the drying chamber and air systems.