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Instant coffee plant

5.Instant coffee plant - Diagram  May2015

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SPX has proven capability in the supply of complete, high yield process lines for soluble spray dried coffee powder and freeze dried coffee granules. Its e&e Series instant coffee plants have been shown to use fewer green coffee beans compared to conventional extraction technology, produce high quality results and lower production costs. They use an innovative percolator design to increase extraction yield without increasing the risk of blockages. Gentle processing, including steam stripping, assures premium aroma extraction. An aroma recovery system is available to recover valuable aromas before concentration process. A further separation process further enhances the quality of the final coffee by removing ‘off-flavours’ of extract. Once concentrates and aromas have been mixed to produce the desired aroma quality, efficient spray or freeze drying technology is used to carefully control the characteristics of the final powder or granule instant coffee.