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One Step UHT (Ultra-high Temperature)

2.One step UHT - Master Diagram Mar2015

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Through its APV brand, SPX has decades of experience in the supply of UHT systems. Ideal for use with drinking milk, its one-step tubular UHT plant delivers high quality results with minimized environmental impact. 

Extended running times are achieved using high product velocity through the system and reduced temperature differential between product and tubing to reduce fouling tendency. Corrugated tubes further ensure high heat transfer efficiency.

The system is designed to provide very high efficiency and makes best use of recycled heat generated to lower energy costs. Compared with alternate technologies for production of extended shelf life (ESL) / UHT milk, the plant requires less energy, has potential for longer running times, a lower initial capital investment and a smaller footprint. Reduced CIP requirements minimize product losses and lower operational costs.