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The Process of Reliability

SPX FLOW Industrial serves a critical role in large, growing and global end markets such as chemical processing, air and gas treatment, water and wastewater, industrial shipbuilding, and mining and minerals processing. Our range of products support customers with equipment and technologies to help execute their processes efficiently, safely and with minimal downtime or environmental impact.

The SPX FLOW Industrial range of industrial pumps, mixers, heat exchangers, air dryers, hydraulic technologies and other equipment meet a wide variety of demands for heat transfer, storage, blending, circulation, compressed air drying and other critical applications.

Built to Last

From chemical processing to air and gas treatment, the world counts on industrial processes to provide the building blocks of modern society ― and on SPX FLOW Industrial to provide the equipment and technologies to make this possible.

Drawing upon our extensive experience, application expertise, and strong research and development efforts, SPX FLOW helps to enhance plant productivity and optimize efficiencies for our customers to meet their unique needs.