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Power and Energy

The Power for the Future

As the world grows, so does its need for electricity ― and more sustainable energy production.

SPX FLOW is helping to meet that demand with a broad range of high-quality, custom-engineered systems and components that can also help improve efficiency and reduce the use of natural resources.

Where the Power Is

  • SPX FLOW power plant engineering components and systems are at work in nuclear, gas- and coal-fired plants and in alternative energy applications, helping to optimize plant performance and reduce emissions.
  • SPX FLOW off-the-shelf and customized solutions are supporting all phases of oil, gas and biofuel production, from exploration, extraction and processing to transport and storage.
  • SPX FLOW is contributing expertise and equipment to help build a smarter, more efficient, more resilient electrical grid.

SPX FLOW is ready with the product brands, technologies, energy engineering and equipment to keep the world powered up and powering on.