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Compressor Station

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Compressor Station

As the produced fluids flow from the formation through the wellhead, pipelines transport the liquids and gases to the various separation, cleaning and storage facilities; and then, ultimately transport the processed products to their destinations. SPX FLOW provides a variety of products used in the pipelines, such as Copes-Vulcan control and M&J Valve on/off valves to maintain the flow; GD Engineering closures, pig launchers and pig signalers to ensure the integrity and safety of the pipelines; and Bran+Luebbe chemical injection systems to minimize hydrate formation and corrosion of the pipelines.

As the fluid travels through the pipelines, energy losses occur and eventually additional energy must be added to the pipeline system to maintain the required pipeline flow. Pumps and compressors provide this energy boost.

SPX FLOW is one of a few manufacturers that can provide a full line of pumping products to meet the wide variety of flows and pressures required by pipeline companies in pump stations. Along with pumps, SPX FLOW also provides: the filtration to keep the pump free of debris; the control and on/off valving in and around the pump station to control the fluid movement as required; the closures and pig launchers and signalers on the pig launchers and receivers to allow pipeline cleaning and integrity inspections; and finally, the chemical injection skids to provide corrosion inhibitors into the pipeline.

SPX FLOW further provides the ancillary filtration, valving, pig launcher/receiver products and chemical injection skids required at compressor stations.

At each pump and compressor station and wherever fluid enters or leaves the pipeline, measurement stations are utilized. SPX FLOW provides the necessary valving to control the flow through these stations.

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