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  • Typical Solar Power Plant

    We can help you to design and install the components you need for an efficient solar power plant. Our global service network will then help ensure your plant remains optimized and efficient throughout its lifetime. For more information on our leading products for a typical solar power plant, please click on the link below.

  • Typical Coal Fired Power Plant

    We work closely with our customers to help realize greater efficiency, cleaner power and absolute safety and reliability across the plant. Click on the link below to explore the leading products we offer for a typical combined cycle power plant.

  • Typical Combined Cycle Power Plant

    At SPX we understand the needs of the power & energy industry. We bring together extensive engineering expertise and experience from our global organization to offer engineer-to-order solutions to our power customers

    Combined Cycle System View
  • Typical Geothermal Power Plant

    We have proven experience and expertise with solutions including geothermal cogeneration condensers; high temperature expanding gate valves; control valves; a full range of pumps including downhole, condensing, vacuum and circulation pumps, and high efficiency, high capacity heat exchangers; all supported by comprehensive global engineering and lifetime services. Click on the link below to explore the leading products and solutions we offer to a typical geothermal power plant.

  • Nuclear Power Plant

    We believe nuclear power plays an important role as part of a broad base of power technologies to ensure secure, resilient power for the future. All of our solutions are supported by comprehensive global engineering and lifetime services to ensure your plant remains efficient, reliable and safe. Click on the link below to explore the leading brand products and solutions we offer to a typical nuclear power plant.

Power Generation

SPX FLOW has proven experience in all major types of power generation. Click on one of the power plant images shown to explore how we can assist you further.

Solutions to Improve Power Plant Performance

SPX FLOW offers a wide portfolio of products including a full range of pumps, valves, heat transfer solutions, mixers and filters, designed specifically to increase reliability, safety and efficiency in power generation applications. From turbine bypass valves and boiler feed pumps to nuclear safety pumps; we have the expertise and experience to ensure you maximize the return on your investments.

Our long heritage with the power industry is coupled with leading regulatory/qualification compliance and expertise, specialist manufacturing, world class engineering capability and complete aftermarket services. Our commitment is to support you from initial design concepts and throughout the life of your power plant.

Wherever you are in the world, when it comes to safely optimizing the output and efficiency of your power plant – you can rely on SPX FLOW.