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Viking Compact, manual bilge pump

  • Viking Compact


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  • Viking Compact
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Manual, self-priming

Full-capacity, hand-powered bilge pump perfect for installation in tight spaces.
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Full-capacity, hand-powered bilge pump perfect for installation in tight spaces. This rugged, yet sleekly designed, single-chamber diaphragm pump provides first-rate performance and is a snap to install. It can be fitted in minutes from one side of the bulkhead with just four screws, self-sealing against the surface with a durable, watertight gasket. With the pump house recessed behind the bulkhead, only the handle is visible from the cabin or cockpit.

The Viking Compact’s inlet and outlet ports can be swiveled 360° and are delivered in two sizes with every pump, Ø25mm (1") and Ø38mm (1.½”). Naturally, the Viking Compact has KlickTite™ connectors fitted as standard, literally making hose connections a snap!


  • Quick to install from one side of the bulkhead
  • Fits industry standard aperture, even in tight spaces
  • Robust pump handle and cover in-one
  • Self-priming for immediate effect
  • 3.3 meter (10’8”) combined lift/head
  • Easy, low-cost, low-frequency maintenance
  • Durable gasket for tight fit against the bulkhead
  • Rattle-free design
  • Polypropylene body
  • All metal parts made of stainless steel
  • Easy pump-action, single diaphragm design
  • KlickTite™ port connectors standard
  • Hose connectors can be turned in any direction
  • Heavy duty non-choke valves throughout
  • High flow tricuspid valve on the outlet port
  • Complies with ISO 15083

CE Certification Logo

Pump body:Polypropylene
Diaphragm:Nitrile rubber
Valves:Nitrile rubber (1 leaf and 1 tricuspid valve)
Wetted parts:Polypropylene, PA66GF30 plastics
and nitrile rubber
Maximum lift:2.1 meters (7 feet)
Maximum head:1.2 meters (4 feet)
Combined head/lift:3.3 meters (10.8 feet)
Connection:KlickTite™ connectors for 1” (25mm) or
1.1/2” (38mm) hose; both options included
Max. liquid temp:+60°C (140°F)
Weight:0.675 kg (1.5 pounds)

Flow at 10 kPa head and 45 strokes/min

Ø25mm connections 34,5 liters/minute (9.1 US gallons/minute)
Ø38mm connections 45 liters/minute (11.9 US gallons/minute)