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  • Engine Cooling
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flange mounted, foot mounted, gear or pulley driven, clutch pumps

Self-priming Flexible Impeller Pumps are ideal for inboard engine cooling systems.
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Engine Cooling – Raw Water Handling

Flexible impeller pumps, F-series, provide an efficient solution to most raw water pumping needs. The primary advantage of a flexible impeller pump is its self-priming ability. As the vanes of the impeller are depressed and rebound, they create their own vacuum drawing fluid into the pump. A dry pump can lift water up to as much as 3 meters. Thus a flexible impeller pump being used for engine cooling needs not be located below the water line or manually primed. An added feature of flexible impeller pumps is that they can pass fairly large solids without clogging or damaging the pump. This reduces the need for filtering the incoming fluid.

For general raw or fresh water applications, the standard long lasting neoprene rubber impeller is used.

A general feature of all flexible impeller pumps is that they cannot be permitted to run dry for more than 30 seconds. Both the impeller and the seals depend upon the water for lubrication and will soon burn out if run dry. Wearing parts are easily replaceable, and service kits are available for all standard models.


  • Flange Mounted Pumps (F4B-9, F7B-9, F9B-9)
  • Crank Shaft Pulley Mounted Pumps (F6B-9)
  • Belt/Pulley Driven Pedestal Pumps (F7B-8, F8B-3000)
  • Pump ports available from 3/8" to 2 1/2"
  • Capacity up to 625 liters/min (9900 gal/hr)

For specific information about your engine cooling pump, check the part number on the pump cover.

Spare parts
Wearing parts such as wear plate, cam, endcover and impeller are easily replaceable and service kits are available for all standard models.