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TopGear G, Internal Gear Pumps

  • Internal Gear Pumps, TopGear G


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  • Internal Gear Pumps, TopGear G
Product Type:

Cast iron

TG G-range is for general purpose
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TopGear G-series is available in cast iron with inline port connections. Baseplate-mounted. Heating and cooling jackets are available for pump cover and around shaft seal. Built-on single or double safety relief valves are available.

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Casing:Cast iron
Idler:Cast iron, Stainless steel, Steel
Rotor:Cast iron, Nodular iron, Stainless steel
Max. capacity:130 m3/h (GP, GM) 80 m3/h (GS)
Max. differential pressure:16 bar (GP, GM) 10 bar (GS)
Max. temperature:300°C (GP, GM) 200°C (GS)
Max. viscosity:80 000 mPas (GP, GM) 5 000 mPas (GS)
Shaft seal:Packed gland without lantern ring. Shaft trust on bush bearing inside and ball bearing outside the liquid.(GP)
 Packed gland with lantern ring, single or double mechanical seal, cartridge seals. (GM)
 Single short DIN mechanical seal. Shaft trust on roller bearing and ball bearing outside the liquid. (GS)