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Hydraulic Investigator 2 Version 15.32

Hydraulic Investigator 2

Thank you for registering the Hydraulic Investigator 2 SPX FLOW selection guide for it's Johnson pump brand centrifugal pumps.

You can now download the program, please select the correct version below.

 EU VersionZip EU.ZIP (13.9 MB)
 US VersionZip US.ZIP (13.9 MB)

Instructions for installation:

  • UnZIP the file on your hardrive
  • Read the HI2 update 15.32.pdf file and see also the and the files inside the documentation folder.
  • Double click the setup.exe file
  • Choose whether to install the entire centrifugal database or only the database for pumps mainly used in horticulture

The advantages of installing the Horticulture version of the Hydraulic Investigator are the following:
  • This will give you the pump types that we can build for Combi, CombiChem, CombiLineBloc, CombiBlocHorti, CombiLine, CombiPro, CombiProLine and FRE based either on impeller diameter for motor power, or strictly for capacity.
  • With frequency converter equipment installed you can select for 60 Hz on a 50 Hz potential.

The program can be used in several ways:

Q-H Selection

By entering Capacity and Head values (and possibly other criteria) the whole database is automatically searched through for suitable pumps. The pump curves can then be calculated by the press of a button.

Pump Selection

A pump family and pump type can be entered directly. The resulting pump curves may be further modified by fine tuning the parameters to match your requirements.

Retrieving Curves

You can save your curves and retrieve them later for viewing or further modification.

More information: