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The chemical industry uses all types of pumps – from standardised centrifugal pumps to special pumping solutions designed specifically to meet individual customer requirements. The use in this sector is often associated with aggressive, environmentally hazardous fluids or those involving a risk of explosion. This places not only great demands on the design of the pump and the materials used in its construction but also on safe handling of the fluids for those who work with the pumps.

Pump programme - Chemical

• Abrasive - Rotary Lobe, Internal Gear and AODD pumps

• Corrosive - AODD, Mag Drive Centrifugal and Centrifugal pumps

• Clean liquids
- Solvents/Water/Oils - FreFlow Centrifugal, Mag Drive Centrifugal, AODD, Flexible Impeller and Internal Gear pumps