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Horticulture products - Pumps, Accessories and Spare Parts

Johnson Pump circulation pumps can be found in water-borne heating and cooling systems for greenhouses around the world. Johnson Pump is in fact the world leader in this horticulture segment.

We can offer pumps with a wide range of flow capacities to meet your installation needs. As an added value Johnson Pump pumps can be fitted with frequency converters for precise, automated temperature control.

Why choose a Johnson Pump?

We have a wide range of horizontal and vertical bloc- and in-line pumps especially suited for horticulture. In the Netherlands, the no. 1 country in greenhouses, we are the absolute market leader. You can find our pumps in more than 80% of the greenhouses. Click for a full description of our pumps which are used in the horticulture. Circulation Pumps»

Johnson Pump as main player

Beyond the good quality of our pumps we know the horticulture business inside and out. We know that you depend upon the performance and reliability of your circulation pumps. Not only does Johnson Pump Horticulture deliver pumps and provide extensive service around the clock, but we also provide you with quick spare parts delivery.

Moreover, we are always here to share our knowledge with our clients in case of any problems.



All our circulation pumps can be equipped with a Danfoss frequency converter.

Click for a full description of our pumps which are used in the horticulture. Circulation Pumps»

Download our pump selection guide - Hydraulic Investigator - to aid you in finding the right pump for your needs.