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Greenhouse Accessories - Frequency Converters

Frequency converters for HVAC installations – lower your energy costs!

Frequency_ConvertersSignificant energy savings can be made through the use of frequency converters in your greenhouse heating system.

Standard transfer and circulation pump units are rated to run at a constant speed that is dimensioned to handle extreme weather conditions. Most of the year this extra power is not needed.

A frequency converter will allow you to regulate the speed of the motor - and thus the flow and pressure - quickly and exactly.

Reducing motor speed by 20% for a centrifugal pump corresponds to a 20% reduction in flow, whereas the energy consumption can be reduced by as much as 50%.

By running your pumps at reduced speed during most of the year where full capacity is not needed you can realize significant energy savings.

Johnson Pump Horticulture offers you frequency converters from Danfoss

Johnson Pump Horticulture is a wholesaler of Danfoss frequency converters and we offer separate frequency converters. Our service is carried out by authorized engineers; also accessible through a telephone hotline service.

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