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The Hydraulic Investigator is Johnson Pump's selection guide selection guide for it's centrifugal pumps.

Search by pump type and family or by capacity and head. Further refine the pump curves to find the pump that meets your specification. 



Dimensional drawings

To assist you in the planning stages of new installations or the modification of existing ones, Johnson Pump offers you dimensional drawings and simplified 3D models of our pumps.

These dimensional drawings in AutoCAD® .DWG (R13) format and 3D models in .IGES format will allow you to precisely fit our pumps into your piping system.

The downloadable dimensional files are arranged according to pump family, and further according to the pump size diameter of the discharge connection (mm).

Inside each self-extracting ZIP archive you will find all the dimensional files for the different possibilities for that particular pump size; including nominal impeller diameter (mm) and IEC electric motor combinations.

Example: CB65-250_100L02.dwgExample: CL65-125_7104_ND6.dwg
Pump family: CB = CombiBlocPump family: CL = CombiLine
Pump size: 65-250
diameter discharge connection - nominal impeller diameter
Pump size: 65-125
diameter discharge connection - nominal impeller diameter
100L = IEC size electric motor71 = IEC size electric motor
02 = 2-pole motor (2950 rpm)04 = 4-pole motor (1450 rpm)
ND6 = flange connection

Download dimensional drawings and simplified 3D models for: CombiBloc, CombiBloc 3D, CombiBlocHorti, CombiBlocHorti 3D, CombiLine, CombiLine 3D, CombiLineBloc, CombiLineBloc 3D »