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Johnson Pump Horticulture Service

The service engineers at Johnson Pump Horticulture perform triple duty; we employ a rotational system. In addition to assembling the pumps to customer specifications and performing in-house repairs, our engineers also respond to service calls on site. Not only do they know the pumps and motors inside and out, they also have a great understanding of the different greenhouse applications. Personal engagement in the business extends from the sales office through to after sales service.


For customers in need of spare parts abroad we can ship over night to most places in the world. To aid you in getting the right part in the shortest amount of time, please visit the Spare Parts page where you find online spare parts guide and order form. Go to Spare Parts page»

In the Netherlands

To ensure that your heating and cooling system functions when you need it, Johnson Pump Horticulture offers 7 days a week, 24-hour emergency service on its products in the Netherlands. Johnson Pump runs a fleet of service vehicles so that help is never far away. Call our regular office number: Tel. +31 (0)174 51 84 10.

Minimize downtime

Our pumps are designed according to the back-pull-out principle to minimize downtime. The inner workings of the pump can be removed for quick repairs without having to disconnect the pump casing from the heating and cooling system.

If the trouble is restricted to the electric motor, the stator can be replaced quickly without draining the section! Repairs can be accomplished in a very short time this way thanks to motor bearings fixed on the front of the motor.

Many of our international customers maintain or repair the pumps themselves. Our pumps and accessory control systems are delivered with comprehensive instruction manuals.