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Attrition Scrubber

In addition to its strong US market presence, LIGHTNIN Africa has also been the market leaders to the mineral processing industry in the supply of Attrition Scrubbers, Slurry Samplers and Thickeners.

LIGHTNIN Attrition Scrubbers offer vastly improved recoveries and product quality. LIGHTNIN Attrition Scrubbers consist of identical cells with inter-connecting slurry pipes and bolt-on transfer and discharge boxes. Each cell incorporates an identical attrition mechanism. At the discharge end of each cell are adjustable weir slats to control head, flow and freeboard.

Attrition Scrubber Operation and Design:

  1. Fully baffled chamber with a gap between cell wall and baffles to prevent solids build-up.
  2. Automatic drain valves fitted to allow removal of solids and easy re-start.
  3. Design allows for removal of the complete rotating assembly as a single unit for simple maintenance and installation.
  4. Multiple cells are connected with a flexible rubber hose to compensate for any civil or structural variations.
  5. Slurry feeds from bottom and exits through top in each stage.
  6. Identical drive and tank cells allow for flexibility in process and maintenance.
  7. Independent cells allow for simple and economical by-pass facilities to be designed.
  8. Gearbox designed for heavy-duty continuous operation.
  9. All internal components coated with an extra heavy layer of natural rubber.

LIGHTNIN Attrition Scrubbers Offer:

  • The best retention time control in the industry. The LIGHTNIN Attrition Scrubber has a completely baffled, separate attritioning zone. Our competitors have square or octagonal, unbaffled tanks, producing a high degree of swirl, a deep vortex and plug flow. This reduces the effective scrubbing and increases wear.
  • Minimal Wear. Our machines have proven themselves to have very little wear, due to the mechanical design-imparting particle on particle contact not particle on machine abrasion.
    • Anglo Platinum Standard. After evaluating the available Attrition Scrubbers the largest producer of Platinum in the world only goes to Lightning, on sole tender, for these machines.
    • Due to the machines' characteristics, Attrition Scrubbing will now add value in the following processes to our customers.
      • Most efficient lime slaking system available.
      • Reduced reagent consumption and increased recovery in Phosphate.
      • Increased Platinum recovery.
      • (How many other minerals, not tested yet, can we improve the recovery of?)
      • Cleaning of glass sands.
      • Removal of contaminants from heavy mineral sands, (Titanium, Zircon, Rutyle, etc).
    • We can, in certain instances, increase plant capacity, by treating the fines through the scrubber, instead of a mill and pass them directly into the process stream.
    • We can test your mineral worldwide to ascertain your benefits.