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Autoclave and Pressure Oxidation

Pressure oxidation was developed for processing refractory ores where gold is occluded in the sulfide minerals, typically pyrite or arsenopyrite. Oxidation of the sulfides at elevated temperatures and pressures liberates the gold, allowing it to be economically recovered by conventional circuits. Autoclaves have also been recently started up on nickel, copper, & zinc duties to name a few.

Lightnin has a thorough understanding of how to scale-up pilot information to full scale installations, all while insuring optimum process results such as achieving maximum oxygen utilization of each leach vessel. We can design for two or three phase mixing systems, over a full range of viscosity's, using a full range of radial and axial impellers.

New design concepts show the benefit of a new mixing arrangement for horizontal autoclaves. This arrangement uses up-pumping A340 impellers to maximize effective mixing/solid suspension, to maximize mass transfer stage efficiency, and to incorporate air from the headspace, thus eliminating the need for expensive blowers and/or compressors.

We're equipped to test your ore at actual operating temperatures and pressures. We can determine reaction rate, then scale up and guarantee oxidation and oxygen utilization.