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Clay Slurry

Dry clay powders are mixed with water to form slurries used in various applications ranging from pulp and paper to ceramics. Clay slurries are hindered settling that can have high viscosity. There are three basic services for clay mixing, storage, make-down and prep for shipment.

Storage tanks normally require low power per unit volume to keep slurry blended and prevent solids from dropping out. Sizing is based on our extensive installation list around the world, our scale-up and scale-down proven practices, supported by our minerals processing laboratory.

Make-down of any fine powder is always a difficult application with high power requirements. Sizing is based on installed base and lab tests. An upper impeller is used to draw a surface vortex, drawing solids into a lower radial impeller to disperse solids. Tank modifications are required to insure correct process results.

When loading barges or tankers, clay slurry formthe storage terminal is mixed with biocides and may be "smoothed" to maintain a specific particle size.

Lightnin offers line blenders, static mixers and attrition scrubbers for these services.

Lightnin has a full range of impellers for each mixing step of the process, even with the varied application requirements. We match our impellers to the specific duty, accomplishing optimized results.