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Solvent Extraction

LIGHTNIN Solvent Extraction Mixers are custom engineered to maximize the efficiency of your solvent extraction processes. By working with a company that undersands mixing, you will enjoy improved mass transfer, increased mixing efficiency and reduced entrainment levels when compared to the industry standard. Features of SPX's solvent extraction desig include:


Includes R320 impeller family for:

  • Maximum flow and head
  • Low shear and turbulence
  • Reduced air incorporation
  • Eliminates fines
  • Reduced chemical entrainment
  • Reduced crud formation
  • Excellent retrofit impeller for older systems. Frequently pays for itself in < 1 year
  • Metal alloy or composite designs available
  • Optimal dual impeller design available based on your process requirements and tank geometry
  • Includes either A510 (metal) or composite A6000 (composite)impeller
  • Optimized multi-impeller designs engineered to fit your rocess
  • Gentle mixing maintains uniform dispersion created in the pumper to maximize mass transfer
  • Enhances phase disengagement in the settler at the lowest power available