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Oil and Petroleum

LIGHTNIN side-entry mixers are used for a variety of blending, mixing and storage applications:

Download The "Original" Mud Mixer Overview

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  • Prevention of sludge and tar build-up on the tank bottom
  • Maintenance of uniform heat distribution to prevent solidification during cooling

Crude Oil

  • Control or prevention of bottom sludge and water build-up (BSW), generally utilizing swivel angel mixers
  • Blending different crudes and additives
  • Heat transfer


  • Blending components to uniformity via top-to-bottom turnover
  • Prevention of stratification as components are added

Process Considerations

LIGHTNIN's engineers select the optimum solution, which could include single or multiple mixers per tank.

Motor power requirements are dependent upon several variables:

  • Blend time
  • Tank height/diameter ratio and tank volume
  • Viscosity
  • Density differences
  • Method of making the additives