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Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

In the 1930s...

LIGHTNIN helped pharmaceutical manufacturers revolutionize the production of antibiotics by introducing oxygen into culture broths.

During the 1950s...

LIGHTNIN introduced the multiple Rushton turbine impeller configurations still commonly used in pharmaceutical fermentation.

In the early 1980s...

LIGHTNIN introduced hydrofoil impeller technology for flow-controlled operations.

In the 1990s...

LIGHTNIN's up-pumping technology is taking pharmaceutical fermentation a quantum leap ahead.


You can find LIGHTNIN mixers at work in cGMP facilities for both upstream and downstream pharmaceutical processes, including:

  • vaccine production
  • antibiotics
  • mammalian cell cultures
  • blood factors
  • injectables
  • buffer solutions

Total Mixing Solutions

LIGHTNIN provides a complete package of products and services for aseptic environments: