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High Density Storage

LIGHTNIN introduced the reduced bottom high density storage tower design to the Pulp and Paper market in the 1950's. This design has since become the industry standard for high density stock storage, replacing older "mining" nozzle systems.

The design includes a reduced bottom tower (by others) with a larger diameter upper zone for storing paper stock at 10-15 %BD consistency. The lower dilution zone is designed to have a height to diameter ratio of 0.5 to minimize chest capital cost and a 15 minute retention time to achieve highly accurate consistency control after trim dilution. The stock consistency in the dilution zone varies by mill, yet the typical range is 3.0-6.0 %BD consistency. LIGHTNIN's standard offer for agitation in this application is the VSA Pillowblock Agitator.

For more information on High Density Storage, contact your local area sales representative and/or refer to the following reference information:

  • Reprint - DeVries/Doyle's Paper on HD Storage
  • Powerpoint Presentation - HD Storage Chest Design